Guardhouse Bulk Direct Fit Coin Capsules
Quality Holders and Displays for your Collectibles

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Round Holders are made of high quality, crystal clear acrylic that is PVC and oil free.

Guardhouse offers a comprehensive line of direct fit holders for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, small dollars, large dollars, American Silver Eagles and Silver Rounds, with more sizes coming soon.

The interior is designed to snugly hold the coin in a sealed chamber without the need for a foam ring. The exterior dimensions of Guardhouse direct fit coin holders are measured to industry standards and fit all display boxes with corresponding small, medium, large and extra large exterior diameters.

Standard Exterior Capsule Sizing Comparison Chart

Exterior Guardhouse Air-Tite
31mm Small (S) A
36.5mm Medium (M) T
44.5mm Large (L) H
51.6mm Extra Large (XL) I