About the Guardhouse brand

Guardhouseholders.com is a DBA of Transline Supply Co. Guardhouse branded products include coin holders, storage boxes, displays, and albums. Our ever-expanding line of numismatic and philatelic supplies are available through coin supply distributors, coin shops, and other resellers throughout the United States and the World.

Guardhouse is an enthusiastic supporter of the hobby and numismatic community, and we encourage the retail public to visit our resellers, where they will not only find most Guardhouse brand product available, but also learning tools, hobby accessories, rare coins, stamps, and more.

Guardhouse products are offered directly to the public through this website. Terms and conditions for retail sales are not necessarily the same as those for merchant wholesalers and distributors.

Since 2001, GuardHouseHolders brands have been an integral part of the coin and stamp collecting community. We supply and produce the products essential for the coin and stamp hobby.

About The Staff

GuardHouseHolders has earned a reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to serving your account and answering questions about our products.

Your business relationship is extremely important to us. Most of our business derives from repeat customers, and our customer service reps often know and become familiar with the individual needs and expectations of each customer.

When it comes to shipping, we have an experienced and dedicated warehouse staff. Each order comes with the guarantee that you will receive a well-packaged shipment quickly and inexpensively (if ineligible for Free Shipping). If you ever have a problem with your order, we'll fix it.