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Guardhouse display boxes come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for storing or displaying your coin collection or challenge coins. We carry wood, aluminum, leatherette and velvet finished presentations boxes specially designed for round coin holders, square coin holders, NGC or PCGS certified coins and challenge coins. You can shop a corresponding category below to quickly find which box is best for you!

The round capsule display boxes hold Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sized coin capsules, which by comparison are also known by the sizes A,T,H and I, respectively. You may find our comparison chart here for more information on determining the correct capsule size and box for your coin.

Small direct-fit capsules commonly fit: Cent, Dime, Nickel, Quarter, Small Dollar, 1/10 oz Gold Eagles, 1/4 oz Gold Eagles

Medium direct-fit capsules commonly fit: Half Dollars

Large direct fit capsules commonly fit: Large Dollars, Silver Rounds/Medallions, Silver Eagles, 1/2 oz Gold Eagles and 1 oz Gold Eagles

Extra Large capsules commonly fit: Various Large Coins in Ring-fit Capsules

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Single Slab Certified Coin Easel Display
Price: $3.50
Availability: In Stock
Guardhouse Item #: 4290 -

Single Acrylic Stand. Holds All Grading Services Cases.

5 Slab Certified Coin Easel Display
Price: $12.50
Availability: Back Order GH
Guardhouse Item #: 4294 -

5 Slab Acrylic Stand. Holds up to 5 graded PCGS, ANAC or NGC coins. These versitle stands allow you to display coins in cases at a 30 degree or 45 degree angle for better customer viewing.